A Steam Time Machine

On the Train

Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions

Inside, this is the travel in style. Two spacious "saloon" cars on the opposite sides of the train will cool you down on a hot day, and live country music provides very authentic entertainment. Both bars post a "No doubles on way back" warning. Of course, you can always go to another bar.

But then, if you can safely make it to a second bar through the whole shaking and moving train, you probably can have another shot as well.

Though, even on steady feet, you might not make it to the second saloon car. On your way, you'll have to walk through an open observation platform in the middle of the train. And there are good chances that you'll stay there, forgetting about your destination. The platform is uniquely designed and is exceptionally convenient for observing the vistas around - and those vistas are beautiful!

Sure, they are the same prairies you can see from your car - but something strange happens when you look at things from the train. Seemingly familiar landscapes suddenly start to look different... More remote, more bright - like picture in the frame. Another small bit of magic...

Local residents feel this magic, too. They step out of their homes as the train passes by, and wave to the passengers. And some of these homes, like this former general store, are as old as the train itself...