We are Andrew and Katherine, we live in Calgary and we love to dance!

Perhaps, people started to dance before they started to talk. It's a perfect way to express, to communicate, to make your soul visible! We both started to dance when we were kids, and our best love was always given to the street and folk dances.

Our favorite dance is Argentine Tango. People so often ask us whether we are from Argentina, that it is tempting sometimes to say "yes". We linve in Canada for quite a number of years now, but we came here from Russia - where Tango is very popular with the dancers. The touching melodies of Buenos Aires - Tangos, Milongas, Waltzes - perfectly resonate with the soulful melodic traditions of Russia and Europe. This tender and passionate music had always surrounded us as we were growing up. Incidentally, Andrew's family roots come from the same generation of German immigrants who took their bandoneons across the Atlantic to the Buenos Aires port, contributing to the very birth of Argentine Tango!

Another great tradition we brought from Russia are the Gypsy Folk dances. These fast, dramatic and bright moves are impossible to forget once you see it!

And, of course, we perform the German and Austrian folk dances, as the members of Austrian Canadian club and Schuhplattler Verein Enzian dancing group.

In our professional development, we take instructions and inspirations from many talented performers and teachers, visiting instructors and stage stars, and attending various workshops, festivals and events. In the last few years we proudly performed at many dancing events in Calgary and other places.

Of course, our interest are not limited to just dancing! We are avid outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife videographers. We never skip a chance to go hiking, or to get into a kayak. We also have a huge interest in the history of Western Canada, and love to visit the heritage sites, ghost towns, old railway remnants, closed mines and to retrace the paths of the early explorers.

Andrew and Katherine Thielmann