A Steam Time Machine

Where Adventure Begins (Stettler)

Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions

Being born in Europe, I've seen a lot of historical places. Still, neither the beautiful Paris nor the mysterious Prague could give me a true feeling of going back in time. But this magic happened to us recently in a small town of Settler. The miracle was called "Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions" - a real steam train ride from Stettler to Big Valley.

You come to the old train station you see a steam locomotive maneuvering around, old-fashion railway cars are waiting for you, and Gabriel Dumont is welcoming you train. On the spot, you believe it's all real! I immediately felt myself a frontier women, on my way to the prosperous town of Big Valley...

When you live in Europe, you grow around trains. They are everywhere, part of your everyday life, rather than the relics of the past long gone. You love them, you hate them, you take them for granted... but you never question their reality. Maybe this is why the old train so perfectly bridged the gap across times?

Or, maybe, it is simply all about love. People who drive the train, arrange excursions, sell tickets - they all love Canadian history so much, and are so proud of it, that this love and pride shines on every lucky guest. Their sincere feelings are truly bringing past back to live!